QFTA.U will seek target companies that demonstrate the characteristics set out under “Our Acquisition Criteria” below. We intend to acquire an established company with significant revenues and the potential for sustained growth. We do not intend to acquire start-up companies, companies with speculative business plans, or companies that are excessively leveraged.

  • Disruptive Innovators

    Businesses demonstrating disruptive innovation in financial markets which include but are not limited to: Transaction Innovations, Blockchain Technology, Risk Transformation, Frictionless Funding Platforms, Customer Facing Platforms, New Intermediaries.

  • High Growth, Whitespace Opportunities

    Are high-growth FinTech businesses which operate within large and expanding markets with significant whitespace opportunity.

  • Meaningful Scale, Material Differentiation

    Have scalability with products and/or services materially different from competitors which create barriers to entry for new competitors.

  • Profitable, Stable, Predictable

    Operate a superior economic model which either currently or over time is expected to generate profitable, stable and predictable cash flow.

  • Capital Inflection Point

    Are at a capital inflection point where significant risk-adjusted shareholder value can be generated through a business combination and resulting access to the broader equity capital markets to drive growth.

  • Best-In-Class Management

    Possess a best-in-class management team with a track record of success in driving growth and profitability.

  • Superior & Scalable Risk Management

    Maintain superior and scalable risk management, underwriting, data analytics, monitoring and reporting processes.

  • Significant Value Add to End Consumer or Enterprise

    Promote financial inclusion and provide significant value to the underlying end consumer or enterprise through a lowering of transaction costs or through providing access to high-quality scalable financial services.